Free Electric Pot! 10pkt D’Laksa Steamboat Paste Asam Laksa Flavor

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All-Time Favourite D’Laksa Asam Laksa Hot Pot that you can enjoy at home instantly! New Launch Offer Buy 10 packets FREE Electric pot worth $69! Easy to prepare and simply delicious! Ingredient: Shallots, Chilli Paste, Tamarind Paste, Galangal, Lemongrass, Ginger Flower, Sugar, Shrimp Paste, Salt. Serving per Pack: 5-7 Pax. Net weight: 500g/packet. Cooking Instruction: Pour one packet of paste into the electric pot, add 1L of water, stir well, boil for 3 min, add in your hot pot ingredients, cook for 3 min, and ready to serve.

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