KENYALANG Sarawak SIA Semi-Polished Red Rice (Heirloom) 1kg


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SIÁ RED RICE by Lun Bawang Tribe is an indigenous red rice variety which is cultivated traditionally by the Lun Bawang tribe of Ba’kelalan, Lawas at the north-eastern highlands of Borneo. The red colour of the rice comes naturally from a flavonoid known as anthocyanin, which is high in antioxidants and rich in essential nutrients such as manganese and calcium. The rice is popular among the locals as it is believed to help lower cholesterol levels. It is semi-polished to achieve a balance between its nutrients and eating quality. The rice is aromatic and tasty, with a soft texture when cooked.

Sarawak Highland Heirloom Rice
Single Crop (One Season/Annum)
Origin: Ba’kelalan Highland – Lawas, Sarawak
Tribe: Lun Bawang
Characteristics: Medium grain, bright red, moderately soft, fluffy and aromatic

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