KENYALANG Sarawak Bario Brown Rice (Heirloom) 1kg


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BARIO BROWN RICE by Kelabit Tribe is the ‘unrefined’ version of the Bario White Rice which is an indigenous rice variety that is native to the Kelabit tribe in the Bario Highlands at the north-eastern centre mountainous region of Sarawak. The rice is cultivated traditionally in a cool, pure, and unpolluted environment (1000m above sea level) and the rice fields are irrigated by pristine clear mountain water. The rice is obtained by removing only the outer husk and leaving the brown seed coat intact, which is rich in fiber and nutrients. The rice has a flavourful, nutty taste and a chewy texture when cooked.

Sarawak Highland Heirloom Rice
Single Crop (One Season/Annum)
Origin: Bario Highland – Miri, Sarawak.
Tribe: Kelabit
Characteristics: Small grain, whitish, soft, slightly sticky, aromatic & delicious
Certified with Geographical Indication (GI)

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